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A thug has been filmed smashing the bonnet of a Porsche 911 with a wrench in front of shocked onlookers.

A clip captured on Folkestone Road in Dover, Kent, shows three people, a woman and two men, standing next to a car.

At some point, the younger male, who appears to be in his late teens, climbs over a metal railing before being handed the hand tool by the older male.

Then, he can be seen hitting the car repeatedly as the other points to some parts of the car, apparently giving him instructions on where to damage it next.

The younger man proceeds to thrash the car using the metal tool as hard as he can for about 50 seconds before the wrench is taken off him.

Meanwhile, some people can be seen walking past the car, but nobody stops.

The incident happened at 6.10pm on Friday, June 25, and yesterday a spokesman for Kent Police revealed that the man who handed out the wrench was the owner of the vehicle and that he had consented to the damage.

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “Kent Police received a report of possible criminal damage to a car in Folkestone Road, Dover at 6.10pm on Friday 25 June 2021.

“Officers attended and spoke to the registered owner of the vehicle who said he had given permission for the damage to be caused and no offences were reported.”

The clip was filmed by Ryan Hambrook, who was driving back to his home in Deal, Kent, after work.

The 28-year-old couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted the young male standing on top of and lashing the luxury car – which is priced from £80,000 – with a metal socket wrench.

Ryan, who works in drainage, stopped to record the incident in case it might be needed as evidence.

He said: “I was driving back from work and I saw the older guy stood on top of the car hitting it, I assumed he didn’t own the car and the owner would want as much evidence as he needed so I filmed it until I’d gotten enough evidence and then drove home.

“I was shocked to see it happening, it’s not something you see every day.

“Folkestone Road isn’t the best of areas but I’ve never seen anything like that.

“I just thought well, you don’t see that every day.”

The witness shared the video on Facebook later that evening and attracted hundreds of comments.

A person wrote: “So the people walking past then, not one even looked. Are we so accustomed to this behaviour in Dover that people don’t even blink an eye?”

Another commented: “Well done Ryan Hambrook for recording this. Too many people turn away cause they are weak.”

One more added: “At least the whole Internet can see how dumb they are…”