The Three Most Common Knee Injuries That Athletes Can Sustain

The knees are one of the most integral parts of the legs, and a small injury can lead to excruciating pain and cause a person to have serious mobility issues. While many individuals experience knee injuries, athletes are the most susceptible, as blunt force trauma and one wrong step can lead to immediate pain. The knee is composed of a variety of muscles, bones, and ligaments, and even the slightest injury can affect the function of the entire knee. Here are the most common knee injuries and the common causes of each one.

Muscle and Tendon Injuries

Muscle and tendon injuries are mostly caused by a hyperextension of the leg. Anti-inflammatory medication can help alleviate pain and discomfort temporarily, but the knee should be rested and iced to help bring further relief. If the muscle or tendon is torn as a result of the hyperextension, then the only course of action is to have a surgical procedure done to replace the damaged tissue.

MCL and LCL Trauma

Injuries to the MCL and LCL typically occur when excess force is directed toward the side of the leg and causes a loss of footing. Rest is one of the most important actions to take to help alleviate discomfort, as these injuries will typically heal on their own with time. Injuries that are severe may require physical therapy to help rebuild the strength of the muscle.

ACL Damage

Damage to the ACL occurs when the foot is planted, and extreme force is exerted from either the front of back. This can cause damage to the ligaments, and will typically lead to swelling in just a few moments. Ice and rest are essential, and topical pain creams and oral pain relievers can help bring comfort to those who have experienced damage to their ACL.

No matter the type of injury, hinged knee braces for sports can help a person recover and get back in the game quickly. They can also provide an extra layer of protection and help lessen the amount of damage done should further trauma occur. No athlete should be without a quality support knee brace.