Mountain Biking Safety Gear You Must Have

Downhill mountain biking is an extreme sport and to ensure you longevity in this fantastically exciting and often dangerous sport you need to be fitted out with the right safety gear. All it takes is one slip and you could be laid up for weeks!

Full face helmet – this is first and foremost, your most important purchase. Not only is protecting your head of the utmost importance, but having your face and jaw covered is right up there too. To prevent grazing the skin off your face and even breaking your jaw, a full face helmet which covers the front of your face and jaw line is an absolute necessity.

Gloves – If you come off your bike, your hands are in the firing line always and should be protected accordingly. A decent pair of gloves doesn’t set you back much and will no doubt prevent a world of pain.

Knee pads – to prevent the horrible stinging, all painful graze, otherwise known as a roastie, not to mention really knocking or even breaking your knee caps. A good pair of knee pads is essential.

Reinforced cycling shorts – Get a pair or even better a couple of pairs of these shorts. The major brand names all make them and they come
complete with raised plastic designs on the hip and side leg areas to protect your upper legs and hips from having the skin taken off should you be so unlucky as to fall off!

Shin guards – These are self-explanatory and designs these days incorporate a knee pad too, get them in white like a storm trooper and the force will be with you.

This great sport is too good to miss, but be aware, accidents happen and pretty often too. Get fitted out properly and go in with your eyes wide open. See you on the next drop off!