Mountain Bikes What You Should Really Know About This Sports Equipment

Downhill mountain bikes are used to compete in the downhill mountain biking contest. This competition involves biking down a steep and downhill terrain as you might have already guessed. The competitors are timed at 30 second intervals and the entire course can be completed in anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes. This course does not have much climbing and is one of the fastest competitions around.

As the competition is unique, the bikes also have some unique features some of which are part of the criteria the bike should satisfy. The bike usually weighs between 17 to 25 kg. Almost all bikes have a suspension of 203 mm and disc brakes that are usually 8 inches in diameter. The design these bike incorporate is a full suspension one.

The frames on these bikes are much lower than the free ride bikes, but they are more or less similar in other aspects. For stability in tight corners and high speeds the bike incorporates slacker head angles. The best bikes in the industry come priced at $9000 while the entry level bikes cost only about $2000.

Any unnecessary part should be removed from a downhill mountain bike as this would add unwanted weight. However, the weight should not be too light either and this should be kept in mind when designing a bike.

The parts should also be resilient. Naturally, all the bike manufacturers use the best materials that ensure that the criteria are satisfied. The costlier the bikes get, the more advanced and precise are it manufacturing process.

It goes without saying that these bikers are exploring every possible way to incorporate the best manufacturing practices, the latest suspension systems and the latest materials so that they can create a speed advantage as this is what wins the races at the end of the day.