Downhill Mountain Biking Alps Events

As the holidaymaking panorama continues to take a turn towards the active – with activity and sports breaks gradually replacing the traditional fly-and-flop beach holiday – so too does the concept of mountain biking Alps courses continue to grow in popularity, both among already avid cycling enthusiasts and families or couples wanting to stay active.

But while the latter will be perfectly content with a gentle cycle through the countryside, those who take their hobby slightly more seriously will not be content to just cross the same old trails and downhill pistes. While said pistes and slopes were what made the experience of mountain biking Alps trails popular in the first place (after helping the region make a name for itself as the quintessential winter-sports location) and while there are many to explore before the area starts to become stale, ‘serious’ cyclists always wish to push themselves that extra little bit further.

All Downhill From Here

In that regard, few occasions are better to attempt to improve one’s performance – specifically in what concerns downhill – than the Megavalanche, one of the biggest events of the mountain biking year. Though not one for hobbyists or the faint of heart, this challenging downhill race will undoubtedly delight those looking for a challenge and wanting to push their personal limits.

The concept of the Megavalanche consists of a 30km-long downhill race, beginning roughly 400m above sea level. It is a gruelling and potentially dangerous event – the speeds achieved during downhill cycling can be quite considerable – but absolutely exhilarating for someone who knows how to handle themselves in this kind of course. Cycling aficionados and downhill enthusiasts owe it to themselves to try it at least once in their lives!


One of the factors keeping the Megavalanche out of reach of the average family on an Alpine holiday is the considerable amount of preparation it requires. If the workout required to prepare for mountain biking Alps trails is already gruelling, it is not hard to imagine that the one needed to tackle this challenging race would be that much more demanding.

That is, indeed, the case, as very few downhill courses in the world can quite prepare a cyclist for what he or she will encounter in the Alps. There is a reason downhill tracks in that part of the world are famous, and the Megavalanche encapsulates that reason perfectly. As such, a cyclist who does not want to put his or herself in harm’s way needs to be extremely thorough when preparing to cycle this course.

Said preparation entails more than simply familiarizing oneself with downhill courses; it is also necessary to pick exactly the right bike, with the right accessories to allow for a successful and accident-free race. Said bikes can often set riders back a considerable amount, which further puts this event out of the reach of families simply seeking to mountain biking Alps roads or tracks together.

Enthusiastic or experienced riders, however, will not want to miss the Megavalanche, which has rightfully made a name for itself as one of the prime Alpine cycling events.