Downhill Mountain Biking About

Downhill Mountain Biking combines different hobbies and therefore it is so especially for me.

No.1: To do handicrafts on cars / motorbikes / bicycles

No.2: Enjoying nature and doing holidays. While riding downhill mountain bikes you will visit the highest mountains, the deepest forests and see a lot of nice places within your surroundings.

No.3. Of course, doing sport. You can keep yourself in shape while riding downhill mountain bikes. The funniest part is of course, going downwards within seconds or minutes and enjoying the adrenalin rush. But the healthiest and exhausting part is going upwards with your bike and then rest for a moment, enjoying the silence and the nature before jumping toward the bottom.

It is no team sport which can be positive as well as negative. Normally you can decide how long you want to ride your bike or whenever you stop it and you are not dependent on somebody else.

Downhill Mountain Biking is also really relaxed. If you are not in the mood, you just stop and drink a beer or drives back home. In other sports you have fixed playing times like basketball or football you have to persevere. Moreover you do not have to be extremely good in shape to start Downhill Mountain Biking. If you are not fit anymore you just stop and make a pause and continue whenever you like to.

To begin Down hilling you do not need any especial experience nor need to be talented. You just start by buying a mountain bike and testing your skills while driving some hills.

The risk of injuries – like many think – is not that bad and I would say that it is not worse than playing soccer. The good thing is, when something happens you are responsible for your injuries and not somebody else like it is while you are playing soccer.